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The Story Behind Pasqal

The Search for the Perfect Watch: The Birth of Pasqal

It was the early days of 2018 and a man, who was an avid watch collector, was on the hunt for a new automatic timepiece to add to his collection. He had high standards, looking for a watch that was not only stylish, but also reliable and affordable. However, his search was proving to be a difficult one. Everywhere he looked, he was met with expensive and overpriced brands that simply did not live up to their price tag.

Frustrated with the lack of options, he couldn't help but think that there must be a better way. Was it really impossible to find a watch that combined both style and affordability? He was determined to find the answer and began to delve deeper into the world of watches.

As he learned more about the industry, he came to the realization that the problem was not with the watches themselves, but rather with the companies producing them. So many brands were more focused on maximizing their profits, rather than producing high-quality products that people could actually afford.

This realization sparked a fire within him, and he knew that he had to do something about it. He decided to create a brand that would put the needs and wants of the customer first, producing stylish and reliable watches that would not break the bank.

And so, in 2019, Pasqal was born. The brand was founded in Sweden, with the mission of offering affordable automatic watches to people around the world. Every watch produced by Pasqal is crafted with care, using only the finest materials and powered by reliable Japanese automatic movements.

Pasqal is a brand that stands for more than just selling watches, it represents a movement, a revolution in the watch industry. The brand is driven by a passion for watches and a desire to bring this passion to others.

With Pasqal, the search for the perfect watch is finally over. Affordable elegance and reliability are now within reach, and it is all thanks to the vision of a man who was simply looking for a better way...